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This page contains an ever growing a list of resources for learning Spanish vocabulary, listed alphabetically by word (see index below) as well as a separate list of videos related to learning the letters in Spanish...please also visit my other blog, Imaginative Homeschool, where I will be sharing Spanish lesson ideas and learning tips soon.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


A (the letter A) -  See the Spanish Alphabet List
airport - video: perro y Gato
animals, misc (animales)
- printable activity:  Spanish Playground
animals, zoo animals (animales)
- video: Clever Little Peas
apples (manzanas) - song/video:  Spanish Together
astronaut - video:  Perro y Gato


B (the letter B) - See Our Spanish Alphabet Resource List
ball (pelota) - video:  Sesame Street
bananas (guineos) - video:  Noah Comprende
basketball - video:  Perro y Gato
big, bigger, biggest - activity:  For the Love of Spanish
book- video:  Perro y Gato



California, alto - video: Perro y Gato
cat (gato) - video: Perro y Gato
city (ciudad) - video:  Perro y Gato
Cinco De Mayo
 - Funny Overview:  CNN
 - Overview and Activites:  Foreign Language House
cold (frio) - video:  Sesame Street
counting - apples (manzanas) - song/video:  Spanish Together
cowboy - video: Perro y Gato (includes song)
closed (cerrado)
- video: Sesame Street
- video: Sesame Street  
 - video: Perro y Gato
clothing (ropa)
- various resources:  Spanish Plans.org
- activity (picture cards):  Spanish Playground 



danger  - video: Sesame Street
directions (north, south, east, west) - game: Purpose Games
dolphin - video and worksheet on parts of the dolphin (Post in Spanish): El Rincon de Infantil
dog - video:  Perro y Gato
dreams [ambitions, hopes] - video: Patrick and Friends
duck - video/song: Music With Sarah



eagle - printable puzzle:  Spanish Playground
excuse me (desculpa) - video: Perro y Gato (towards end of video)


face (cara) - list of various games, videos etc..
fire fighter (bombero)
 - pictures, vocabulary:  For the Love of Spanish
 - video: Perro y Gato
fish - video:  Perro y Gato
food (comida) - various videos, photos, and jokes:  SpanishPlans.org
friends - video:  Perro y Gato
fruit (fruta/frutas) - activity:  Spanish Playground , QR code activity



good afternoon - video: Rockalingua 
good morning - video: Rockalingua
good night - video: Rockalingua
gustar (to like) - video: Frank and Paco
guitar -  - video/song:  Andres Salguerra
guitarrón (large guitar) -  - video/song:  Andres Salguerra
green - activities: For the Love of Spanish