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This page contains an ever growing a list of resources for learning Spanish vocabulary, listed alphabetically by word (see index below) as well as a separate list of videos related to learning the letters in Spanish...please also visit my other blog, Imaginative Homeschool, where I will be sharing Spanish lesson ideas and learning tips soon.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Saint Patricks Day - activities:  For the Love of Spanish
say/said - reader:  Teachers Pay Teachers
soy, yo so (I am) - video:  Sesame Street
soccor - activites for the world cup:  Spanish Plans
sea (el mar) - see ocean
seeds (semillas) - activity: Fun Monkey Bars
skateboard (patineta) - video: Perro y Gato 
sleep (dormir)  - video: Rockalingua (voy a domir)
snow (nieve) - vidio (about a book): Dia De Nieve
square (quadrado) - video: Doki Descubre
suitcase  - video: Perro y Gato
sun (sol) - poem: Spanish Playground
summer activities - printable: Spanish Playground 
supermarket - video:  Perro y Gato
submarine - video:  Perro y Gato
superheroes - lesson plan and printables:  Spanish Plans


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